FISHING kayaks, paddles, waders, and paddleboards are all well and good, but what about big fish in Irish waters? 

While the world’s biggest fish are found on the shores of the Irish Sea, the catch of big fish is not nearly as good as those found in other parts of the world. 

A survey carried out by the Irish Wildlife Conservation Trust found that of the 8,800 fish species of the Great Atlantic and Antarctic fish, only about 600 are found in the Irish waters. 

The fish, which are native to the North Atlantic, are known as sardines because they are one of the few fish species that can live on land. 

But despite their status as a small fish, they can still produce huge amounts of protein and nutrients, and are an important part of the marine ecosystem. 

When we first started collecting the data, we were surprised to find that sardine stocks had declined in the last 10 years. 

“The fish population in the region has dropped from nearly 500 million to less than 200 million,” the survey explained. 

It said that this had happened due to overfishing and the use of new, less efficient methods of catch. 

This has resulted in many fish being taken from the Irish and imported into other parts and countries, such as the UK and Canada. 

However, the conservation organisation, which is based in Dublin, said that the vast majority of the fish caught in the UK were farmed, and that the fish stocks in Ireland have not been affected by overfarming. 

One of the most commonly asked questions is why are so many fish disappearing from the wild? 

“Our advice to people is to use a large net and take a big bag to catch the fish.

But as the population declines, the smaller fish are being killed.

So you may be surprised to know that the Irish fishery has not seen a decline in its size since the 1970s,” it added. 

What is the cause of the decline? 

The Irish Conservation Trust said the main cause of decline was overfishment. 

They said that many of the catch areas had been opened up and that more and more fish were being caught in smaller numbers, but that this did not affect the total number of fish. 

Furthermore, it said that overfished fishing was a major factor in the decline of sardinian stocks. 

Despite this, the survey said that it was still too early to say how widespread the problem was. 

Is there a solution? 

A new survey is being carried out to determine the long-term impact of overfilling of the rivers, lakes, and rivers in the area. 

These rivers include the Liffey, Wicklow, and Shannon, which provide the Irish with water for drinking and for fishing. 

There are also plans to improve the conditions of the lake and river system in the south, including creating a new lake, the Croagh on Liffe, which would be a major source of fish for the Irish, as well as a new catch and release site. 

If the results of this survey are accepted, it will help the conservation agency make further progress towards a sustainable fishing industry in the future. 

You can find out more about the research from the Conservation Trust’s website. 

Source: RTE

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