I know that a lot of people who work with Carrie Fisher, who died of cancer in December, have a hard time with the hashtag #MeToOpinion.

But the #MeTalk hashtag isn’t all bad.

For one, it allows us to all collectively share our thoughts and opinions.

We can’t all agree with the sentiment, but we can all agree that there’s a certain amount of respect for one another that can be expressed.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that our feelings and perspectives are often different, and our ideas are often not.

And I think that makes us all better people.

We all have our own personal issues, but in the end, the point is to recognize that we are all human beings and not to treat us like we’re less than.

So when I see a post about #MeTheater, I know what to say to my friend who doesn’t agree with my position, and I think, “That’s cool.

We should all support each other.”

You know, I really hope you guys don’t have any problems, but I do hope that you don’t need to be so hard on yourself because you’re still a human being.

Because you are.

So I think the best thing you can do as a friend is to not be hard on yourselves.

But if you do get hard on themselves, try to remember that you’re also a human.

And that you deserve respect and understanding.

I think we’re all human.

We’re all flawed.

We are all imperfect.

And we all deserve respect, even if we don’t like each other.

I don’t think you should feel guilty for being different, or feel like you have to choose your own path.

I also don’t see why people should have to fight the idea that you are somehow lesser than everyone else.

The idea that the person in front of you, if you’re just like them, is somehow different than you.

It’s just a very narrow definition of who is lesser than, and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of that.

If you’re an actor, you might have to deal with some uncomfortable feelings about being an outcast.

You might have feelings that you aren’t being appreciated, or that you just don’t fit in the world.

It can be uncomfortable to be outcast, because there are many people out there who are out there like you.

You know how it feels to be invisible.

But it’s OK to be an outcaster, because everyone is.

The worst part of being an actor is being an outsider.

You’re not part of the group.

You don’t get to go out and perform.

You can’t go into a theater and audition.

So it’s really important to find a way to be your own person.

To be yourself, without feeling like you’re not.

When you have those conversations about #metheater, it makes you want to do better.

I know a lot people are excited to hear that we’re trying to be more inclusive, and we’re making this hashtag more inclusive.

So I think this hashtag is an opportunity for us to make an even bigger difference.

But I also think it will be great for actors to hear from people who feel the same way as them.

It’ll be a great way to remind ourselves that we aren’t all the same.

And even though #MeIt’s just hashtag, we’re really good at sharing.

To all the actresses who have died, I want to say this: I love you.

And you know what?

I know you’re out there.

I love what you’re doing.

I wish you were still doing it.

But you’re only 20 years old.

And I know for every actor, there are so many out there that are so young, and so new, and it’s so important to let them know that we love them, too.

You need to do the same thing.

You’ve got to be proud of your talent.

You gotta be proud that you have talent.

And so we gotta do our part, and let’s all be out there for each other and for the people around us.

All I can say is that we need to talk.

We need to tell each other what we feel.

We have to do our jobs, and if we all do our job, then we can make a difference.

And when we all are in the same room, and when we are in each other’s company, we can change the world for the better.

It’s time to talk to each other, and to share your own stories, too, in the hope that we can give each other the courage to tell their stories.

You will be doing the world a great service.

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