‘Coyfish are a real threat’: GOP senators vow to protect salmon species

POLITICO HILLARY CLINTON on Monday vowed to protect the salmon in the Arctic, saying she has “been working for many years” to protect a species that “has been endangered for far too long.”

But in an interview with the Associated Press, Clinton said she believes “that, with the right legislation, it can be done.”

The Arctic is home to an estimated 200 million salmon, and a number of species have been at risk of extinction since the late 1970s, when oil companies began drilling in the area.

The Obama administration in 2015 released the final rule to protect those species.

Clinton, who campaigned on protecting the Arctic and other Arctic marine habitats, said she has been working for years to protect “an endangered species” and that her administration has worked to protect at least 70 percent of the Arctic Ocean in recent years.

The administration has also been working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, she said, to reduce the impact of climate change on the Arctic.

“The oceans have been melting, the seas have been getting warmer, and there’s been a lot of research that shows that a lot more of those species have to be found and protected,” Clinton said.

“So that’s one of the things that we’re working to do.

We have to figure out how to make sure that the Arctic continues to have that level of protection.”

The Atlantic Salmon has a reputation as a favorite fish of celebrities, who love its creamy, salty flavor and deep-fried flavor, and Clinton was asked by AP about the fact that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is a huge fan of the fish.

“That’s something that’s always been my pet, that I always say, I think he would be a great fan of Atlantic salmon, because he’s from New York, so I always love to have a bit of New York flavor,” Clinton told AP.

“We’re very conscious of how we eat our fish.

I think one of those things that’s a big part of the Trump administration, is they’re very interested in cutting out some of that fish, and I think they’ve done a lot to do that.”

She also said she was “very proud” to see President Trump’s administration take a “fresh look” at the Arctic’s environmental protection, which has been under fire since the 2016 election.

Trump has vowed to reverse President Obama’s climate change policies and rescind Obama’s environmental regulations that were aimed at curbing emissions of carbon dioxide and methane from power plants and factories.

The president, who was a Republican until the end of his presidency, said in April that he was looking at “alternative fuels” to oil and gas, saying that oil and coal were the “biggest losers” of Obama’s policies.

But Clinton said that her environmental policies were the right ones and she believes Trump will work to protect them.

“I think he’s going to make the best decisions that he can and we’re going to get it done,” she said.

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