A Texas fisherman’s bowl and fish tank decor are the latest to go viral on social media.

Ray Fishers bowl is being seen by more than 100,000 people on Facebook and Instagram.

He has been a fisherman since he was a child.

“It’s just the perfect time of year to get some of these new things up in the air and show off,” Fishers said.

Ray Fishers fish tank has a big sign that says “fish tank,” a nod to his catch.

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors.

Become one.

A man named Nick told WFAA he has been posting videos of his fish bowl to Facebook and YouTube for several weeks.

Nick posted pictures of his bowl in the same spot in April.

“I’ve been watching it go viral and it’s been a huge hit,” he said.

“People are starting to recognize it and people are really loving it.”

The Texas Legislature approved $300,000 to help pay for the bowl, which is on display in a private home.

The bowls are made of plastic and have the word “Bowl” on them.

The bowl was originally built by Fishers son, but the son said the bowl will be made by someone else.

The man has also taken to YouTube to post videos showing off the bowl.

The Tarrant County Flood Control District has a website that provides details about the bowl’s location and costs.

The bowl’s $1,400 price tag is far more than a traditional fish bowl, but it’s still far cheaper than the commercial fish bowls in Houston.

The Houston Chronicle says a commercial fish bowl costs $15,000 and includes carpets, a living room, and an outdoor patio.

The aquarium fish bowl is $3,000, while the fish bowl in Fishers home is only $300.

The Fishers family is making a profit on the bowls and the aquarium fish, so they’ve donated the money to a local animal shelter.

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