Fishing charter operator Andrew Lee has been jailed for four months after allegedly falsely claiming to be a member of the Australian National Fishing and Tourism Association.

Key points:Mr Lee, 33, was arrested in August after allegedly claiming to represent Australian fishing industryMr Lee was arrested for allegedly breaching a restraining order and breach of trustHe said the ban on fishing in the Kimberley was the result of a treatyThe charges include breaching a protective order, breach of a restraining one, and breach a peace bondThe former president of the National Fishing Council was arrested at a Sydney hotel in August over claims he was a member and board member of a fishing charter company.

Mr Lee’s lawyer, Daniel O’Connell, told the NSW Supreme Court that Mr Lee had been “doubly embarrassed” and “very, very shocked” by the allegations.

“Andrew Lee has now spent a year in jail because of this and I think he deserves to be,” he said.

“He has lost so much respect for the law.”

We will appeal the decision and hope the court will give him the benefit of the doubt.”‘

No need for a warrant’Mr Lee told police he was part of a company called Australia’s Biggest Fishing.”

It’s a private company, it’s not registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission,” he told police.”

And so if you were to ask me if I would have been able to get a warrant, I’d say no.

“The court heard Mr Lee was the chairman of the company and said it was run by his father and brother.

He said it had operated since 2013 in Kimberley waters but he was not involved in any fishing.

He also told police that he had not used the company’s name since 2007.”

I can’t believe this is happening,” he allegedly told police at the time.

Mr O’Connor told the court that Mr O’Neill had been a member since 2009 and had been involved in the organisation for more than 20 years.

He alleged Mr Lee’s claim was not supported by the facts.”

You can’t put someone who has never worked in a business before and come up with this, I think that’s the sort of person you need to know how to deal with,” he alleged.

The court was told Mr Lee claimed the Kimberleys ban on all fishing was the outcome of a UN treaty with the Kimberlands and the Kimberland-Aski Basin Treaty.”

Australia signed up to the Kimberling Agreement in 1972 and the Australian Government and the Government of the Kimberlades signed up in 2007,” he added.”

The Kimberley is a treaty area which was created under the Kimberlambs Treaty.

“Mr Lee also claimed the ban was the product of a United Nations treaty, as well as the Kimberler-Moorokara agreement.

The Supreme Court heard the claims were made by Mr OConnell in a complaint to the NSW Anti-Corruption Commission (ACCC) in October last year.


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