The rules have been met with criticism from conservationists and others who say they are overly restrictive and aim to force fishkeepers to sell their catch in order to make a profit.

The UK government is due to publish its final version of its guidelines on Friday, but campaigners have warned that the new rules will cause havoc with the fish industry.

Fishing campaigners are calling for the rules to be scrapped.

The guidelines come as a new research report reveals the impact of the EU fishing ban on the UK’s fishing industry.

It also suggests the rules could be introduced in other countries, with potentially huge consequences.

What’s behind the rules?

There are currently about 60m wild fish in Britain.

The new research found that, of those, fewer than 20m are wild, and only about 15% of those were wild fish.

This is a result of the European Commission restricting the number of wild fish allowed in the UK from 30 to 25 in 2015.

This meant that only about 40% of wild catches were available to UK producers.

In 2016, the number dropped to just under 12% of the catch, according to the new research.

The study also found that while the UK fish industry is booming, there are many people who have been left behind.

This has led to a crisis in the fishery.

It is estimated that around 1,200 British fishers are currently in debt because they were unable to pay their bills, according the new report.

Some of these people have become so poor that they are not able to pay rent or utilities, the report said.

This led to more than £150m of debts owed to the UK Fish Industry Council, which represents the fishing industry in the country.

The government says the rules will help to tackle the problem of under-fishing.

The rules will ensure that fish stocks are maintained and fish prices are set at fair levels, and ensure fish farmers can recover from losses.

What happens now?

The government will publish its guidelines in the next few weeks.

They will include a discussion paper that will give a “guidance note” to the public.

It will also include the results of a pilot project to see if the regulations work.

It has not yet been announced whether the guidelines will be introduced by the government.

Some critics have argued that the regulations could be implemented by local authorities, with the UK Government to set out details on its implementation plans.

Other campaigners have said that the rules would also be a major drain on the fish and wildlife resources in the countryside.

In an article for the Guardian, Kate O’Connell, senior policy officer at the UK Wildlife Trust, said the government should not be allowed to “gut the rule book” on the market.

“Fish farming has been a major part of British fish industry for generations.

This will not be the last time fish farmers will need to sell to pay for their fish stocks.

If the government has their way, they’ll be forced to.”

What can be done?

The rules could make it easier for people to sell fish, or encourage them to take them home.

But it is also likely to be used to target small-scale fish farms, which would be more likely to survive the rule change.

The changes will also have an impact on other industries such as carp farming, which is already subject to stricter regulations in the EU.

The regulations will also affect aquaculture, where it is illegal to farm wild fish, but is permitted under some circumstances.

The EU’s fish fishing regulations will be implemented in a phased manner.

The next government will be expected to review the regulations after they have been put into effect.

The plans are due to be published in May 2020, and are expected to take effect by 2019.

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