NFL rules, which were put in place to ensure the integrity of the game, now require players to have a catch-and-throw pass in their possession, but that does not mean a player cannot catch and throw the ball anywhere.

Here are the rules that apply to catches in the NFL: Catch the ball.

A catch must be made in a catch zone, which must be located at the opposite side of the field from the end zone.

If the player is behind the line of scrimmage, he cannot catch the ball in the catch zone.

The catch-or-throw must be completed by a quarterback who is in the endzone.

If a quarterback attempts to catch the football in the field, he must throw the pass at the line or the sideline.

Catch the football.

The player must make a catch of the football at the first down marker or before the snap of the ball by throwing the ball to the quarterback.

The pass must be thrown in a direction that the quarterback is intended to throw the football toward.

A quarterback may throw the passing play to a wide receiver who is covered by the defensive back.

Catch a pass.

A player must throw a pass with his right hand before the quarterback reaches the line.

The throw must be within a 5-yard line.

If there is no receiver in the vicinity, the quarterback must throw it from behind the center.

The ball must be a touchback or fumble recovery, whichever is later determined by the NFL.

Throw a pass in the air.

A throw in the open field must be the longest pass thrown by a player, not including a pass thrown to a receiver who has his hand over the top of the end-zone line.

A receiver may only throw a touchdown pass in this circumstance.

Throw an incomplete pass.

If two or more players catch the pass in midair and attempt to catch it, the player who throws the ball must throw another pass before throwing the other.

If one of the two passes is incomplete, the other is not eligible for a catch.

Throw the football away.

A pass that is thrown incomplete must be returned to the offense by the quarterback who threw it.

The quarterback must toss the ball away at the last possible moment before the ball is thrown to another player.

Catch and throw a ball in mid-air.

If all four players in the offense catch a pass, the throw must return to the player that threw it before throwing it to another team member.

The receiver may throw a TD pass in a spot where the offense can catch the opposing team’s player.

If an incomplete TD pass is returned to a team member, the receiver who threw the incomplete pass is ineligible to catch a second incomplete pass from the opponent.

Catch an incomplete passes.

If no receivers in the passing attack are available, the only eligible receiver who may catch a passing play is the quarterback himself.

The throwing team may choose to throw a pick or throw the offensive player instead.

If both passes are incomplete, each team must pick the first incomplete pass, regardless of whether the pass was incomplete.

If either of the passes is a touchdown, the opponent may catch the first touchdown pass from a player who is not on the offense.

If neither pass is a TD, the game will be decided by a combination of the scoring rules and the rules on catch and throws.

A team may throw an incomplete passing play if all four of the following apply: One of the players in line of defense does not receive the ball within 5 yards of the line and is a receiver, or a receiver is on the receiving end of a pass intended for another player, or the passing team receives a defensive holding penalty on the opposing quarterback.

If these conditions do not apply, the play is incomplete and a touchdown is awarded to the opposing defense.

If more than one player catches a pass at once and is eligible to catch, only the quarterback with the most yards after the catch is eligible for the first pass.

Catch all or part of a touchdown.

If it is a catch and run, the catch must take place in the quarterback’s own endzone, which is approximately 15 yards from the line, or if the play results in a completion.

If this is not the case, the team must throw to the sideline and the ball will be returned by the defense.

The play must be at least two yards in length.

If, after the completion of the play, the defense scores a touchdown on a touchdown catch, the score is considered a touchdown and the offense must be allowed to continue playing.

If three or more quarterbacks attempt a catch at the same time, only one of them may attempt a pass or a TD play.

If multiple players attempt a TD catch and fail, the first player who attempts a TD attempt will be eligible for both a catch attempt and a TD.

Catch any ball.

The offense must make one catch of any ball before passing it to the team that made the catch.

A passing play must not be attempted unless a completion is made by the team with the least

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