The best way to stop fish eggs is to remove them, according to a new study by a University of California, Davis, scientist.

“There is a growing body of scientific evidence to show that removing fish eggs without killing them is the best way of preventing them from being eaten,” said study author David Shoup, an associate professor of entomology.

Shoup’s team looked at two fish species, the northern gill nettle and the brown gillnettle, both of which are common in the southern United States.

The nettle is a relatively harmless species, but it has a particularly nasty sting, and it can be poisonous.

The brown nettle has more dangerous stingers, but they are rare in California.

To determine if it was more dangerous for the nettle to be removed or not, the team used a mathematical model that showed removing the nettles could be as effective as killing the eggs, which they concluded could kill at least 1.8 million eggs a year.

They did this using an equation that looked at the rate at which a nettle would hatch.

“What we found was the netts can be removed for three days,” Shoup said.

“So removing them three days before the eggs hatch would cause less harm than removing them the same amount of time before the egg hatch.”

A day after removing them, the researchers found that the eggs would hatch and hatch normally.

They found that removing the eggs had no negative impact on the fish’s health, as long as the netting remained intact.

“If the netted fish were not exposed to the eggs for six days, then we found that they would hatch,” Shoups said.

The study is published in the journal Science Advances.

Shoup said his team is working to better understand the mechanisms behind removing fish from a fish population.

“We want to understand what causes the eggs to hatch, but we also want to know how long they can survive,” he said.

The nettle, brown nettle and other fish eggs can be found throughout the southern states, and are important to their diet.

In California, they are considered a delicacy, and the net tines can be bought at stores that sell a variety of fish.

However, the nettenes have been in decline since the 1960s, Shoup noted.

The team also found that if nettling populations were protected from overfishing, fish populations could rebound, allowing them to breed and eventually increase.

_____This article is based on a study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Biological Information Sciences, San Diego, Calif., April 3-6, 2019.

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