The idea of making fish pings and other forms of animal sounds has been around for ages, but the latest iteration is pretty awesome. 

A fish sound system was created by an Australian university and was the brainchild of two students, and is now the go-to solution for anyone wanting to make their own. 

The system consists of an array of devices, some of which are simple to assemble, but others require you to be a little bit more creative. 

 The FishSound project uses a pair of Arduino microcontrollers, an iPad Mini, a couple of USB cables and a few audio cables to create a fish-like sound. 

“Fish sound is an acoustic phenomenon that occurs when fish swim or swim against a sound source, or in this case, a speaker,” Professor John Macdonald, one of the two students who created the FishSound, told ABC News.

“A fish’s mouth and nostrils move up and down as they breathe, and this is what makes the fish sound.”

The device consists of a pair of microcontroller chips, a microphone and a speaker.

A fish is pictured at a fish market in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The fish sounds can be made by attaching the mic and speaker to the chip, which has a tiny speaker, and feeding the chip a sound.

You can also use a battery-powered USB sound generator to make the sound.

The FishSound is made from a pair microcontrollers, a small speaker and a micro-USB cable, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fish.

The devices were built using Arduino, which is a microcontroller for electronic devices.

The chips can be easily attached to an Arduino board and used to create the fish sounds, as long as they are powered.

The microphone has a microphone in it that is attached to a microphone, a simple device, which means you can attach it to the board, and connect it to your phone, and you can use the microphone to make sound to your fish.

The FishStick system uses a variety of different fish sounds to make a fish sound.

It uses the audio from the iPhone as a sound to make it make a sound like a drum.

The system uses sound to play a music playlist, which then plays a sound from a speaker on your phone.

This is how you can make your own fish sounds. 

FishSound: The fish sound is made by feeding the mic a sound and feeding it to a fish.

It is a simple process. 

The fish sound can be created by attaching a microphone to the microcontroller chip, and using the microphone on the FishSticks microphone. 

When the fish is ready, the fish sticks out its mouth, nose, and mouthparts, creating the fishy sound.

There are several different types of fish sounds that can be used, including a high-pitched “pong” sound, and a low-pitch “puck”. 

TheFishSound is an incredibly easy process, which makes it a great project for a young child, to get their hands on.

They can just sit and watch the video, and then pick up a FishStix and start making their own fish pongs and other animal sounds.

The whole process is incredibly easy to follow, and the Fishstix can be bought for about $35 online. 

You can read more about the Fish Sound project at the University of Queensland’s website, or here on Engadgets.

You should definitely check out their FishStickers on the Apple App Store, and on Google Play.

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