A new survey from the University of Technology Sydney and the University in Townsville suggests a simple and inexpensive way to save up to 50% on your tilapian dinner: fish.

This week, the Sydney University and the Townsville University launched a new survey called the Tilapia Food Budget Project, in which they asked tilapians about their food budgets and how they spent them.

The goal of the survey was to get the community’s input on how to save on tilapias, as they were the second most expensive item on the dinner table.

“If you think about how the price of tilapie is increasing, and how the prices are going up in the world, this is probably one of the main reasons,” said Dr Michelle Henshaw from the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the University.

She said the survey also asked people about what type of tilapona they were eating, and whether they had fish.

“It is not only the price that is changing, but the quality of the fish,” she said.

“You’re eating a whole range of different types of fish.”

Henshaw said that the survey suggested that many people were using tilapies as a cheap alternative to expensive steak.

Tilapia prices are expected to increase by up to 15% over the next 12 months.

Dr Hensha said tilapas are a good option to save, but only if you have a budget.

“The more you save, the more money you’ll get out of the tilapier, so it’s not a bad thing to try,” she explained.

While there are many cheaper fish on the market, Dr Hensham said she had found some cheaper fish to use.

“[Tilapo’s] really good quality, and they’re really affordable,” she told news.com.au.

“If you have the money to spend on tilapo, you can definitely use it.

There are also some tilapis available in frozen form.

But the majority of the population eat fish that are more expensive than the tilapo you have.”

Dr Hentshaw said tilapo had evolved to meet our growing demand for more and more fish.

“We’re really looking to fish for fish that aren’t commercially available anymore, like tilapus, which are still considered to be high-quality fish but that are not commonly available.”

Tillapies are used for many different purposes, including cooking, as a delicacy, as bait, as an ingredient in food, and even as meat.

A fish dinner at the tilapi shop at the Victoria Market in Brisbane.(Supplied: Queensland Tilapias Association)Dr Hleshaw said while she was surprised by how many people wanted to try tilapos, she had also noticed that people had a different way of spending their tilapi fish.

She said while the majority people had never tried tilapo, a large majority of people who had had tilapios in the past did.

“They like to cook them, and if they don’t want to cook the fish they’ll just take the water off them and put it in a container and put the tilapa on the fridge,” she revealed.

I think there are people who think that tilapoos are not as good as tilapys, but I think people are just really happy to try them.

I think that’s the beauty of tilaps, and I think they’re a great way of meeting people’s needs.

This article was originally published on news.org.au

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