The fish in the photo above, however, is not dead fish.

It is a beer battered fish, a product made by Pike Fish & Pasta that is supposed to be used as a substitute for dead fish when it comes to pasta.

But as you might expect, this beer battered tuna was an instant hit.

The internet lit up with complaints and questions.

Some people thought the beer battered beef was not kosher, but others said that the fish was actually kosher.

Others argued that the beer had been tampered with and the tuna was not halal, and others said it was just fish.

But it appears the company behind the beer has done a good job.

Pike Fish, a company founded in 2008, claims that the product is kosher and is not tampered-with.

The company has received numerous accolades, including a 2015 Silver Medal for its products at the Food &amp/Gastronomy Expo in Chicago.

But one of the most widely shared photos on the site was a photo taken by another blogger, John Stumpf, which showed a dead fish in a Styrofoam bag.

The product has since been removed from the website, and Pike Fish says it is working to correct the photo.

Stumpff said that, despite the positive reaction, the company is still looking into the matter.

“We are taking the photo down, but we will be getting back to you with updates as soon as possible,” he wrote.

But for those who still believe that Pike Fish’s product is halal for its tuna, Stumpfe said that there is a way to make sure you are getting kosher products.

The process is called “fishing with fish,” and the company sells products with fish in them that have been modified for their kosher status.

The kosher fish is then shipped to a kosher butcher who has the kosher fish wrapped in plastic and placed in a glass bottle to be put into the oven.

The plastic is then sealed, and the fish is allowed to cook in the oven until it is done.

Then the fish will be dipped into the sauce and the sauce is added to the fish.

If the fish has been tamper-tested, it will be used in a fish sauce made with kosher fish.

Stumpff wrote in an email to The Washington Post that he contacted Pike Fish to ask about the photo, and that he received no response.

“This is the only kosher fish I have had,” Stumpfish wrote.

“I am not sure if this photo has been doctored or if they were not aware that there was a kosher version of the product.

This product is not halala for any of its products, and I have no problem using it to substitute for a fish meal.”

According to the company’s website, the fish in this photo is the first to be certified kosher.

“Pike Fish’s kosher certification was recently validated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our Kosher certification process includes a stringent and rigorous inspection process and certification from the World Kosher Council, a kosher certification body.

This process has not been altered or tampered and is conducted by a kosher certifying organization,” the company wrote.

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