When the teens in the Red Fish House at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, decide to go for a beer after their game, they leave the beer for the rest of the team.

But that’s not how it turns out.

The team gets stuck with a $150 bill that has been stuck in the fish house.

So the kids try to get it out and when they get a chance to, they accidentally break a bone.

As the teen gets back to her seat, she starts freaking out.

“I’m going to be the first one out of the boat!” she says.

She gets the bill out and then gets into her car and drives to the hospital.

“We’re stuck with this,” she says to her teammates, who laugh.

The kids’ dad, Kevin, is not happy about it.

“It was like a fish house,” he says.

He tells them it was an accident and he wants to fix it.

That’s when things get more serious.

“This is not a prank,” he tells them.

“You broke something, you’re gonna be screwed.

If you do that again, you’ll be screwed.”

Kevin is upset and has asked the kids to leave the Red House.

“If you’re not going to leave, then we’re going to go to the police,” he warns.

The teens say they’re fine.

When they get to the hotel, they tell Kevin to come back.

He doesn’t, and they decide to head back to the restaurant.

When the kids get back to their hotel, the room is filled with angry fans.

“What the fuck?

What did we do?” one yells.

“No, it was just a joke,” another says.

And then, in an all-too-familiar scene, a girl walks up to the Red Family and tells them they’re in the wrong room.

“There’s something wrong with the room,” she tells them, before going into a dark room filled with people.

The family doesn’t know what it is, but it’s not what Kevin and his wife wanted.

They go into the room, find the culprit, and the next thing you know, a giant fish comes out of nowhere.

They tell everyone to go home and the team heads home.

But as the team and their teammates are packing up their stuff and going home, the fish pops out of nothing and into the back of the school bus.

“Hey, guys!” the driver yells.

The whole school is in tears.

Kevin says he’s not sure if they should have left or not, and when the bus driver tells them to go back, Kevin says “I’ve got to go too.”

The bus driver gives them a hug and tells the kids “Don’t worry.

It’s okay.

This is the first time.”

The team, with Kevin and the school’s owner, are so mad at the team for not staying that they decide they can’t leave.

The school’s owners decide to buy the Red house and make it their own.

And the team’s owner decides to start a new Red Family in hopes that the kids will leave.

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