What is the difference between a ‘bobby fisher’ and a ‘wild salmon’?

The term “bobby fish” was used by scientists as early as 1750 to describe the fish that lived in the ocean around New Zealand’s northern Marlborough coast.

They used the term to describe large blue and green, sometimes with white markings on their bodies, and it meant the fish was of an unusual size and shape.

But a century later, “bob fisher” became synonymous with a term for the species that lived between the Cook Strait and the Antarctic.

The name was also used to describe fish that were found near the northern coast of New Zealand, which was home to the first known population of bob fish.

But it was the introduction of modern commercial fishing in the late 1990s that changed the perception of what a bob fish was.

“In the mid-2000s, we began to see people use the term ‘bob fishing’ to describe commercial trawlers operating in waters that had previously been known as ‘bobb”.

Professor Mike Loomis, a research associate at the University of New South Wales’s Centre for Ocean and Fisheries Research, said the term became “a way of describing this fishery”.

“I think the term is a bit of a misnomer as the catch of bob fishing is not the same as a commercial fishing operation,” Professor Loomish said.

“It’s much larger than a commercial trawl.”

“I don’t think the commercial fishery in New Zealand is a fishery, it’s a lifestyle.”

Mr Fisher, who owns a small boat and has never trawled, said his wife had to ask him about the definition of a “bobb” when they first met.

“My wife asked me, ‘what is a bob fisher?’

I said, ‘it’s a fish that lives in the sea’,” he said.

‘My boat’s not hooked’ The Fishers were not alone in their fascination with the fishing world.

In 2014, New Zealand became the first country to require all boats to be fitted with GPS collars that track their location and direction.

But Mr Fisher said the new collars were “not the end of the story”.

“We’ve been working on this technology for 20 years, so we’ve had a lot of time to get it right,” he said, adding that the technology had been “over the top” in terms of the tracking and tagging that would occur.

“If you take a look at our fishing industry, it is not a lifestyle,” he added.

The Fisher family has now been working with fishing industry and government bodies to develop a code of practice and standard operating procedure for the industry. “

When you go out on the water, you need to be aware of where the fish are, and how long you’re going to be fishing for it.”

The Fisher family has now been working with fishing industry and government bodies to develop a code of practice and standard operating procedure for the industry.

“We’re working to create a common standard for our industry to use for our boats,” Mr Fisher added.

The Fisher brothers, who are also a freelance writer, have been studying the science behind bob fishing and are also working on a book about the fishery.

“One of the things that we’re trying to figure out is what does it mean for the people who live on the boats?”

Mr Fisher asked.

“They’re living with their family and their family is a boat.

They’re a part of the ecosystem, and the fish is a part for them.”

“What are the consequences if you’re caught?”

Professor Lumbercock said while he was a bob fisherman himself, it was important to be careful about what you catch.

“A bob fisherman can be caught with a single catch, or if there’s a lot, you can end up with a lot,” he told ABC Radio.

“And we need to make sure we’re using the right techniques to catch them.”

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