Posted by USA Today on Monday, June 12, 2018 06:33:48 It’s not unusual for many of the world’s most renowned fishing fleets to be set up in remote locations around the world.

But for the most part, the fleets are funded through a combination of international grants and a combination the government of Singapore provides.

The money is a part of the Singapore Government’s $7.4 billion (S$9.7 billion) Fish Stewardship Programme.

The government hopes the funds will be enough to support many of these charters.

While these charter operators are funded by Singapore, the fishing fleet’s owners in the fishing industry in Asia are not, said Jeroen Meeus, executive director of the International Fishing Industry Federation.

“It’s not an open and shut system,” Meeuens said.

“We’re very fortunate that they’re supported by the Singapore government.”

Singapore has an established history of supporting and funding international fishing fleets, and the government is no stranger to this type of activity.

In the 1980s, the government was also instrumental in the formation of the World Fishing Congress.

The congress was hosted in Hong Kong and later expanded to include more than 100 countries and territories, and many of those countries have since benefited from the development of the global fishing industry.

However, many of its participants were drawn to the country due to its proximity to China, and there are many international charters based in Singapore.

Some of these companies have even gone on to establish a foothold in Singapore, though not without problems.

While there have been a number of charters that have taken off in Singapore and other countries, Meeums main concern is with the current state of fishing charchers.

There are some good news stories in recent years, but the current situation has a lot of holes in the foundation.

Meei said he hopes that the fishing fleets will be able to return to some of their former glory by taking part in the 2018 World Fishing Championships, scheduled to be held in the coming months in Vietnam and Thailand.

He also said that the government has started to invest in the infrastructure that is needed to support the fishing chartering industry, but it will take some time.

“The Singapore Government is very supportive of international fishing,” he said.

Singapore is not the only country to support international fishing charners, either.

Last year, Canada also contributed $5 million to the fund and the U.K. provided $4 million.

However it was not enough to keep the international fleet afloat.

The Singapore government said it would contribute another $5.2 million if there were to be any additional charters operating in the country.

The next target for the government, according to Meeum, is to raise more funds to support global fishing fleets.

“There’s a lot more that we need to do,” he explained.

“But we’re making progress.”

Catch ‘Em, Catch ’em All With this in mind, Moeus said that fishing charring in Singapore would be an interesting experience for anyone who has visited the island.

He said that while he was there last year, fishing charting was an extremely popular event, and people were taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by the island’s proximity to other fishing regions.

“In the past, we would see a lot fewer charters in Singapore,” he added.

“This year, I was surprised by the number of boats and charters.”

Mee said that he hopes the new Singapore government will see the benefits of these opportunities, and help the fishing industries grow in Singapore as well.

“For the sake of the fishing companies, we need a lot,” he concluded.

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