By Kate Kelly-MackayPosted 7 March 2017 07:09:56TUESDAY, March 6 (Reuters) – As a baby, he was a duck.

Then, when he was 10 months old, he got a fish.

Then he was big and blue.

Now, at 17, he is a black walleye.

And when it comes to hunting, the teenager who is now a master angler is one of the rarest in the world.

In fact, his status has only recently started to rise.

A black walrye is among the few remaining wild walleyes in the wild.

The tiny creature has been spotted in Australia, South Africa and Indonesia, with its population soaring in the last few years.

It’s not the first time black walries have been spotted – the same species was spotted in Japan, South Korea and Thailand in the 1980s.

But now, black walleys have made a comeback in the south-east of Australia, including in the Northern Territory, where they were found earlier this year.

“We’re hoping for more black walrey sightings to come across the water,” conservation biologist Greg Brown said.

“But they are not common.”

They are quite rare.

“The black walroyes were first seen in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and then they were a rare sight.

There are only a few known breeding pairs in Australia.

The white walleyed fish, which can be found around the world, is a subspecies of the red-tail, white-sided, and blue-eyed, or red-tongued, walry.

They live in coastal waters in Australia and have been observed breeding in remote areas for years.

The red-tailed walryes are also found in parts of the south and central United States.

The blue-footed walry is a native of eastern Australia and New Zealand.

It has long been thought that it has evolved a different pattern of genes from the white-tied fish, and it is thought to be one of several new species of walry that has been discovered.

But it’s not clear what these new fish are doing in the ocean, or how their genes might have changed.

In the past, scientists have speculated that walry genes had been mutated, and that the genetic differences between the two fish were the result of an environmental event.

But that’s not how it works.

The black-tailed fish is the only known subspecies in Australia that is the sole resident of the north-east coast of Western Australia, which is the region most threatened by the brown recluse, which feeds on the fish.

The brown reclusas are often found in coastal areas and the black-tail walry lives near them.

Black walry are often hunted to extinction, but the population is growing and breeding has been recorded in the past year.

They have a long history of being found, including a captive specimen of the species that was spotted near Brisbane, Australia, in March.

The wild black walray, which was released in 1977 from captivity, was later sold for about $1,000 to a private aquarium, where it was bred and released in 1982.

But the black walrry has been seen since, with sightings reported around the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

It was the first documented captive black walery to be released into the wild, and is the largest wild fish found in the country.

It is also the largest captive black-footed, which lives in captivity.

The fish can reach lengths of up to 7.5 metres, which makes it the longest black walreys found anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

Its name is derived from the fact that it’s black with yellow stripes and has a long tail, unlike its white-tailed counterpart.

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