Posted May 07, 2018 08:13:16 As Texas prepares for its upcoming hunting season, the state’s fishing industry is being hit hard by a major drought.

The latest reports indicate the state will be short by one-third of its annual quota for fishing gear this year.

Texas is one of several states struggling to maintain fish stocks due to severe weather, with the Great Plains and South Central states losing about one-quarter of their catch in 2017.

According to the Texas Fish and Wildlife Commission, Texas has just 3.3 million acres of available fish habitat, compared to 7.4 million acres in 2016.

Texas has been hit by a drought that has affected crops, grazing and other agricultural activities.

As Texas awaits its hunting season and the beginning of the fall season, some fishing poles are being sold for more than their true value.

Many of those poles are now worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The Texas Department of Wildlife Resources said the Texas Department Of Fish and Game (DFW) will not sell its poles until the fall, and will only sell new poles once a year.

This is because the state cannot afford to replace poles that are damaged, according to the department.

The department is also holding off selling poles until it can see the market value of the poles and determine how much is actually in the water, according a statement from the agency.

The agency has also started to inspect the poles it has purchased for sale.

In addition, Texas is still reeling from the state losing an estimated 5.6 million fish in 2017, which is the worst drought in the nation’s history.

The drought has impacted more than 30,000 lakes, more than half of which are owned by the state.

The last time the state had a drought in 2017 was in 1976.

In that year, more then a million fish were killed by a combination of bad fishing practices and poor management.

A major drought in Texas has also affected the Great Lakes.

A study by the University of Michigan released this month found that the Great Lake Basin in Michigan lost more than one-fourth of its fish in the last 50 years.

The Great Lakes are home to many endangered species and are the world’s largest fisheries region.

The state has said it will work with the Trump administration to combat the drought.

In a statement released by the department, the department said that it has made a concerted effort to ensure that its equipment is up to date and to work with state agencies to ensure the most effective way to use our equipment.

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