Drunken fish are a favourite amongst fishermen and the recreational angler.

But what is the difference between them and the more common fish in the wild?

We look at what they look like, what they do, and why some people love them and others hate them.

Read moreSam Fisher, the author of the popular Fishing in the Wild book series, talks to Rachel and Tom about their favourite fishing destinations.

Sam Fisher is a fisherman from Perth, Western Australia, who has spent many a summer on the Great Barrier Reef with his wife and two young children.

They are also keen anglers.

Sam said: “They’re a very good fish and they’re just wonderful.

They’re like the best-quality trout, but with a bit more flavour.”

Sam says he has been fishing for more than 30 years and his favourite spots are all in the Great Australian Bight, between Cairns and Port Douglas.

Sam says the fish are mostly brown but he has seen some red, yellow and white in the waters around the Bight.

He said: “The brown ones are the best.

They taste really good, and they look great.

The ones that are a bit darker are the ones you’ve got to look for.”

You’ve got the best browns on the reef and then there’s a lot of reds and yellows and golds and a lot more.

“Sam has seen a lot, including two brown striped bass on his trips to the Bong.

Sam says one of his favourite fish to fish is the big red bull shark, which can reach 40-50kg and is the biggest fish you can catch.

Sam also loves the white-throated king cobra, which are large, white fish, but Sam said it’s a different animal. “

You can catch bull sharks up to 45kg and they are a real good size, even bigger than a goldfish,” he said.

Sam also loves the white-throated king cobra, which are large, white fish, but Sam said it’s a different animal.

It has a big mouth and it’s very quick, but it’s also quite strong.

“It’s got a strong bite, but I think it’s more of a killer fish,” he explained.

Sam explains that bull sharks can live for up to 30 years, but he says the ones caught by Sam are usually less than two years old.

They are also known as “pigeonfish”, “buckethead” or “sea lion” because of their long bill.

Sam uses a lot lighter tackle, and he says he often catches the smaller, smaller sharks on his small hooks.

Sam is also passionate about angling, and is one of the few anglers to have travelled around the Great Southern Archipelago, including the Torres Strait.

Sam’s trips to Bong, including his last visit, have been long, often with more than 200kg of bait on board.

Sam believes the best time to fish in Bong is around mid to late May, when the water is very calm.

He says he spends the whole trip fishing in shallow water and using his small hook, so he can get good lines out of the bait.

Sam was also on the lookout for a black bear on Bong’s north side.

On his last trip to Bongs north, he caught a white bear and a white-tailed deer, which he has taken back to his home state of Victoria.

Sam points out that Bong has some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the country, with clear water and the best sunsets.

Sam describes the Bongs south coast as “a really spectacular spot, and you can go there at any time of the year”.

Sam said he has caught many a big bull shark in Bongs waters, but the best ones are often caught at the south end of the coast.

Sam thinks that he will always go fishing in Bungongs waters and he loves the fish.

Sam admits he’s not the biggest angler on the planet, but says that if he had to pick a favourite fish he would probably pick the bull shark.

Sam, Rachel and Tommy are also avid anglers and have travelled to a number of locations around the world.

Sam travels to the Bahamas and the southern tip of Australia for fishing, as well as to Australia and New Zealand to fish for the bluefin tuna.

Sam now has his own fishing business in the Southern District of Victoria, where he runs a commercial boat and sells fish to restaurants, hotels and recreational anglers for the local community.

Sam currently runs his own commercial fishing business, the Fishing in Bunks, and shares his knowledge and experience with others to help them tackle their own fishing journeys.

Watch the full interview on the Channel 4 website at 8.30pm on Friday 4th December on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of every month.

Sam will be interviewed by Rachel, Tom and Rachel from The Sport Baptist.

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