As President Donald Trump takes office, there is a sense of inevitability about the future.

He will lead the United States into the future and the nation will see new faces and new leaders.

He has a mandate, a mandate to protect the environment and to make America great again.

Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan to be inaugurated without a major-party presidential nominee.

But even before he took office, he was already preparing to make his mark on the nation.

He had been on the campaign trail to push a populist message.

It was not surprising that he would have a populist streak, especially as he took over from former president Barack Obama in the White House.

Trump has already put his stamp on the environment.

He announced a crackdown on mercury pollution in the Great Lakes, which is a key pollutant that pollutes waterways and kills fish.

He is also considering a $100 billion reduction in the size of the EPA, the agency that enforces environmental regulations.

Trump has called climate change a hoax and said he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

He wants to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and he has promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump’s campaign website features the slogan “Make America Great Again,” and his inaugural address in January focused on “making America safe again.”

He pledged to make the country “the most prosperous nation on Earth” and vowed to “make America great once again.”

It was not all that long ago when Trump promised that his administration would “rebuild our country from the ground up.”

Today, he is a reality show show host.

And even before the inauguration, Trump made the news for a number of reasons.

The most visible and damaging Trump legacy will be his decision to appoint Exxon Mobil Corp. CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state.

Tillerson is a former CEO of Exxon Mobil, and his role at the company is an important part of Trump’s foreign policy.

Tillerson has made many disparaging comments about North Korea, and Trump has been critical of the Obama administration for its sanctions and for not following through with its threats to retaliate.

Tillerson also has ties to the Russian government.

The ExxonMobil board of directors is made up of individuals who are loyal to Putin and whose interests are aligned with Russia’s interests.

It is unclear how much influence Tillerson will have at the State Department, but his record is likely to be a major factor in the next few months.

A number of Trump administration nominees have ties to Russia.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned in February, is the subject of a criminal investigation.

Trump himself fired former FBI Director James Comey, and the Trump administration is investigating Flynn’s ties to Turkey.

Trump was a member of the board of the Russian-owned energy company, Rosneft, which he is now trying to sell to the United Arab Emirates.

Trump, along with the other top leaders of the new administration, are trying to dismantle the Obama-era sanctions that put pressure on the company and its executives.

And they are going to make it harder for them to do business with the United Kingdom.

A Trump administration also wants to crack down on foreign banks that help U.S. companies sell goods and services to the world.

Trump’s administration is also looking to take steps to tighten financial regulations, and to force countries to cut back on foreign aid to the U.K. and to take a hard line against Russia.

Trump is also moving to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy.

As a result of all of these developments, a new poll from the Pew Research Center finds that more than half of Americans now have a favorable view of the Trump presidency.

The majority of Americans are more likely than not to have a positive view of Tillerson, who has called Russia a “cancer” and said that the United Nations should be “pushed out of its hole.”

Trump and his advisers have tried to distance themselves from his policies.

Trump and his allies are trying very hard to paint him as a moderate and someone who is open to changing course on the issue of Russian aggression.

But Trump is not a moderate or open-minded person.

He made a lot of comments during the campaign, including one that has stuck with him since.

Trump did not invent the notion of a Russian attack on the U,K.

Trump made a similar statement during the 2016 presidential election, claiming that the U.,K.

has been under attack by Russia and Russia’s proxies.

Trump later backtracked and said it was just a “sneaky” comment that he had made.

But it has been an effective way of deflecting attention from Trump’s own comments about Russia.

In addition to his comments about the U.-K.

relationship, Trump has also accused the Russians of trying to meddle in the U-K.


He also has been extremely critical of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

The Russian government is attempting to create a new era of tension in Europe, and Putin’s goal is to ensure that Russia

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