A new study has found that fish on average spend an average of 2.3 days eating every meal.

But the research found that it wasn’t just the average person who was eating more fish than expected.

Researchers found that when researchers tracked individual fish, they found that they were eating much more than expected for that individual species.

Fish eat a lot of different things and it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much they eat, according to a study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The research showed that fish eat a variety of different foods, including some that they don’t normally eat.

For example, the researchers found that a typical salmon fish consumes about 10 percent of its body weight in fish oil.

But in a similar study, researchers found a salmon fish’s diet also included fish meal, shrimp, fish oil, and a variety other types of fish.

“Fish are so varied that it’s impossible to quantify the amount of food they are eating at a given time,” said study co-author Kevin Brouwer, an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCI.

“The number of calories a fish is consuming at any given time is dependent on the amount that fish is able to eat.”

In the new study, Brouweers team compared the daily caloric intake of four fish species.

The researchers tracked the fish’s diets over time, analyzing data on fish size, muscle mass, and growth.

In all cases, fish have been fed a diet that is high in fish oils, and the researchers tracked these changes to the fish as they were being fed.

In the case of salmon, the fish was fed a high-fiber diet, meaning it was fed mostly fish oil and little other protein.

The team tracked the salmon’s nutritional status, too.

For every gram of protein the salmon was eating, it was also consuming less than the recommended daily allowance of 25 grams of protein.

But that amount of protein is actually very low compared to other animals, Bouwer said.

In fact, the salmon in the study that was fed the most protein was the smallest, the smallest fish, the redtail.

BrouWEERS team also analyzed how much fish oil each fish was consuming, to better understand how much more fish oil it was getting than what it would have been if it had been eating less protein.

This was important because there are some fish species that consume a lot more protein than other fish species, BOUWEERS said.

The fish that was most likely to be eating more than its body could handle were the redtails.

The study found that redtails, like most fish, ate about 8 percent more fish per day than expected, according the researchers.

But fish oil consumption was the most important variable that was important for determining the average amount of fish the fish consumed.

The more fish the salmon ate, the higher its omega-3 fatty acids (omega-3s) were being consumed.

“This suggests that fish consumption may be an important determinant of the fish body’s omega-6 fatty acids and thus their health and their ability to digest food,” Brouwell said.

Fish are known to eat lots of different kinds of plants, and researchers believe that their diets can be more diverse than other animals.

In addition, fish can consume fish oils or other fish-derived products.

The research team looked at the fish foods that were being used to make up fish oils and other fish foods.

Fish oils are used in many processed foods, like bread, salad dressing, and many packaged foods.

“It is really important that we understand the specific types of foods that these fish eat and what their nutritional needs are,” BOUWREWS said.

“For example, it’s really important to know that salmon have a high protein diet, but there are other fish that are more dependent on protein.”

This is why the researchers also studied the fish diets of the salmon, redtail, and mussel species.

In both cases, the study found very different diets that were more reliant on fish oils.

The salmon was also much more dependent than other species on fish protein, the research showed.

But BrouWHEES team said that the fish is more dependent when it’s feeding on a diet made up of more than two different types of seafood.

For the red tail, the two types of food the fish ate were the same diet, with fish oil being used.

But for the mussel, the types of two different fish foods the fish would be eating were different.

This is because the mussels eat a mix of the same type of fish, like a bluefish and a carp.

“We think that these types of choices may be important in the overall diet of the muskellunge, because mussels are more sensitive to certain kinds of fish oils,” BouWEERS added.

In other words, the more fish-based food the

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