When it comes to breast size, pacu fish have a lot to do with it.

The fish is one of the largest fish in the world, and according to a study by scientists at the University of Auckland, it’s actually the biggest fish in Australia.

While the researchers found that the pacu had the largest breasts, the size of the fish’s belly, and the shape of its belly itself, it was the breasts that stood out.

“Our study shows that the size and shape of the animal’s mammary glands are a key determinant of its size,” lead author Dr Richard Aitken said in a statement.

“It’s a great indication that the breasts are a crucial part of the reproductive system.”

There are a few different species of pacu that live in the Pacific Ocean, but the Pacific island nation of Tonga is famous for having the largest species.

Tongan fish are the largest pacu in the ocean, and are one of only two species that are capable of producing offspring in large numbers.

But the scientists also found that these fish were able to successfully raise up to three times their bodyweight in milk, which was very important.

Tonga’s pacu can lay up to eight eggs a year.

The pacu are able to produce up to four litters per year, and they are also the largest breed of fish in North America.

According to the scientists, the pacus are one breed of large fish that has the ability to produce as many as 200 offspring.

They also found, however, that this ability may be a result of their size, rather than their breasts.

“While the size may be an important determinant in the birth of these fish, there are other important factors that play a key role in their success in the breeding cycle,” the researchers said.

“For example, pacus can be kept in small tanks with little food and water, which is less conducive to raising their offspring.

This may also affect their ability to survive in the wild.”

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