Gary Fisher is not an easy guy to like.

The former captain of the New England Aquaculture Corporation is a staunch advocate of conservation and a strong supporter of the fishing industry.

But he has been outspoken about some of the trappings of the sport and its practices, and he has a reputation for having an axe to grind with many of the state’s most important fish.

His opponent, former state representative Erik Fisher, is the first Democrat in more than a decade to win a statewide election in Massachusetts.

He said that when he was elected in November, he believed that the fishing community would come together and find a common purpose in their lives, as he put it in a speech at the state legislature.

“I believe that a strong fishing community can be created,” he said, according to a transcript.

“That we can do what we can to keep the ocean healthy and productive for future generations, and it is also possible that the industry itself can create the new prosperity that is so important to our state.”

He said the state should take a page from the state of New York, where a recent study by a state fisheries research institute found that the sport is an important economic engine for the state.

But in the state where it is most important, he said he sees a disconnect.

“It’s like you’re a fisherman in New York and you don’t know why the oyster hatchery is closed,” he told the Globe.

“It’s just not right.”

“We need to do something about that,” Fisher added.

I think that the state needs to do a lot more than it’s doing right now to be the best fishery it can be.

“The issue of fishing licenses in the United States has become a lightning rod for controversy in recent years, with a number of states tightening or eliminating them in response to federal regulations.

Fisher said that while his opposition to fishing licenses is understandable, he believes that his experience as a captain has made him aware of the problem and wants to make sure that the issue is addressed.

He is calling on the state to reevaluate its policy and to create an alternative to fishing for state-owned and leased fishing licenses.

The race for the governor’s seat is now in its second round, with the winner taking office in January 2019.”

We need a system that allows us to keep this wonderful fishing industry going and to keep a healthy ocean and a healthy fishery,” he added.

The race for the governor’s seat is now in its second round, with the winner taking office in January 2019.

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