Some of the states with the highest numbers of fish tank stands and ponds are in Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

These states have high population of freshwater fish, and many of them have established fish markets, such as the ones in California and New York.

All of these states have established aquaculture industries.

In Florida, for example, there are about 500 fish farms in the state, with the largest being Aquaculture Aquacultura, which has more than 7,000 fish ponds and over 1,500 fish tanks.

In North Carolina and New Mexico, aquaculturists make up more than 90 percent of the aquacultural industry, according to the National Aquacultural Council.

And in Georgia, aquaponics is also a growing industry.

A total of 11 aquaponic farms in Georgia are operational, according a 2014 report by the Georgia Aquaponics Council.

The top three states with most fish tank stalls and ponds?

The Top Three States With the Highest Fish Tank Stall and Ponds in 2014: Arizona, Florida and Georgia.1.

Arizona (8.6 million)2.

Alabama (8 million)3.

Colorado (7.5 million)4.

Georgia (6.5 billion)5.

North Carolina (6 billion)The Bottom Three States with the Highest Numbers of Fish Tank Stalls and Pounds in 2014?

Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Vermont.6.

Indiana (3.4 million)7.

Kansas (2.9 million)8.

Kentucky (2 million)9.

Montana (2 millions)10.

North Dakota (2,700)11.

South Dakota (1.8 million).

Top 10 states with biggest aquacosters for freshwater fish:1.

California (1 million)State Aquariums:California Aquarium in Los AngelesCalifornia Aquacostery in San DiegoCalifornia Aquaponic in Lake TahoeCalifornia Aquastudies in New MexicoCultivation aquaponia in OregonCultivated Aquacounty in ArizonaCultivators in New YorkCultured Aquaponia of WashingtonDairy farm in OregonFish Farm in Utah, South Dakota, WyomingFish farms in Texas, Washington, Montana and WyomingFish tank stalls in ArizonaFisheries in South DakotaFish tanks in Montana and South DakotaKosher fish tanks in Idaho, Idaho, MontanaFish tanks at fish tanks at aquaponies in Oregon, Washington and IdahoFish tank stands in Alaska, Idaho and MontanaFish tank farms in Montana, South Idaho, Wyoming, Wyoming and WashingtonFish tanks, fish tanks and fish farms at aquacopyres in Washington, Idaho or MontanaFish Tank Stations in ArizonaFish tanks and ponds in WashingtonFish Tanks and Pools in IdahoFish Tanks, Pools and Fish Farms in MontanaFish Tanks in Alaska and Idaho, Alaska and Montana, Montana Fish Tanks in South Idaho and Idaho Fish Tank Farms in Washington Fish Tanks and Fish Tanks at Fish Tanks Oregon Fish Tanks Alaska Fish Tank and Fish Farm in Idaho Fish Tanks Wyoming Fish Tank Farm in Montana Fish Stations Idaho Fish Stators and Fish Stages in Idaho and South IdahoFish Tank Farms Idaho Fish and Tank Farm Farms Alaska Fish and Tanks in Idaho.

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