Fishing poles can be a lifesaver in some instances, but they can also make for an unpleasant situation for your pets.

Walmart has recently been embroiled in a furor over its new fishing poles, which are now being tested to prevent bites from biting onto the poles.

“We are not a company that wants to hurt our customers, our employees, or our families,” Walmart spokeswoman Sarah DeSimone said in a statement.

The new poles are designed to be worn over the poles of some models and worn over others, but not to be used as a stand alone stand, DeSimon added.

According to Walmart, the new fishing pole is designed to reduce the chance of your pet becoming bitten by the pole.

For the first time, the company has tested its new poles against several species of fish and insects, including the black-tailed jackal, the yellowtail bass, and the red-tailed hawk, all of which can be found in areas frequented by deer and bobcats.

DeSimone did not address the claims that the new poles could cause injuries for people.

While the new pole is not as protective as the ones used for other types of fishing, the companies claim the new model will allow for better safety.

“The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority and we have tested these new fishing stakes against multiple types of fish, insects, and other species,” DeSimones statement reads.

“These stakes will reduce the likelihood of your pets becoming bitten from the fishing pole, which will also help prevent injury to the pole.”

WalMart has also been using the new stakes in an effort to combat bobcat bites.

In the past, people were required to wear them while hunting in certain areas.

But now, people can wear them as a standalone item while hunting with their dogs.

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