The world’s biggest fish is now in the water, and there are many reasons for that.

According to the latest global report by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the world’s largest fish stocks are overfished and overharvested, and are in need of conservation.

It found that fish stocks worldwide are overburdened with a combination of species and over-harvesting.

“The global demand for seafood has been driven by the rising demand for protein in the diet of people in the developed world,” Pew wrote in a report.

“In the past decade, demand for fish has increased in a number of countries, with increasing demand due to global climate change.”

According to Pew, fish stocks have declined by 40% in the past 40 years and are now under pressure due to overfishing, over-fishing of fish, and overfocusing on certain fish species.

The global fish stocks also include the large number of species that have not been seen in the wild in decades.

According the Pew report, more than half of all species of fish in the world are over-exploited.

The Pew study also found that the global fish industry is struggling to adapt to this change, and that the demand for new technologies, such as biofuels and aquaculture, is also a factor in this.

But why are fish so popular?

The answer is not just their size.

Fish are very nutritious and rich in protein, which are both important for human health.

The average person can consume up to 5,000 grams of protein in their daily diet, Pew said.

The fish, though, are also a major source of calories.

According an article in the British Medical Journal, fish is a major component of a diet that is typically high in fat, and has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

One recent study by the University of Texas at Austin found that in countries with higher fish consumption, people have more diabetes, higher rates of cancer, and a higher prevalence of hypertension.

The study also showed that fish consumption was linked to a lower risk of colon cancer.

“It is also likely that fish has a beneficial effect on the body’s ability to absorb cholesterol, which can reduce blood pressure,” the study said.

A new study also suggests that people who eat a lot of fish tend to have healthier digestive systems.

“People who eat the most fish have higher levels of HDL cholesterol, lower levels of triglycerides, and lower levels on markers of inflammation and oxidative stress,” the researchers said in a statement.

Another study also suggested that people with more fish consumption tend to live longer.

The researchers also found higher rates in people who had diabetes and high blood pressure, and also in those who had high levels of total cholesterol and high levels in LDL.

According a report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, a recent study also concluded that fish is one of the best sources of protein for the body.

In this study, researchers from Japan and the United States compared fish intake among more than 5,500 Japanese men and women who participated in a six-week diet, exercise program, and other tests.

They found that people on the lowest fish intake were 20% less likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, had lower levels in cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and were more likely to have normal cholesterol levels and higher levels in HDL cholesterol.

This is good news for the global population.

According The Guardian, the consumption of fish is increasing worldwide, with many countries seeing a doubling of the amount of fish eaten.

In the US, a new study found that there were over 500 million people in Japan who regularly eat fish.

“Japan is the biggest fish-eaters in the western world,” said Takashi Yamamoto, who conducted the study, according to the Guardian.

“But there are also over 30 million people who don’t eat fish at all.”

The UK is one country where fish is actually overfarmed, and the government recently decided to ban the sale of sushi.


The Daily Mail, the government said it would ban the consumption, distribution and sale of the fish because it was not safe to eat.

However, the ban is being challenged by fish eaters, who are saying that it’s not fish but “a toxin”.

According to Reuters, fish eater Taro Yoshikawa said that the government had not taken into account the health risks of the toxin, and was trying to kill the fish instead of protecting the environment.

“I have no intention of getting rid of fish and have no desire to eat it,” Yoshikawa told Reuters.

However this is not the first time that the fish eat issue has come to the fore.

In 2011, Japanese fishermen sued the government, claiming that the Japanese government had overfenced and overfinanced the industry.

The court rejected their claim, saying that the overfilling had not led to fish overfarming.

In 2012, a court in Japan rejected a request by fishermen to allow

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