Discus, also known as ferns, are one of the world’s most popular fish.

But they can also cause health problems if they’re handled improperly.

Fish hooks are a popular way to handle discus, and they’re also popular with people who have difficulty with their hands.

But the same holds true for other fish hooks, and people who also tend to have arthritis.

Here are 10 reasons discus are one to watch out for.1.

They’re a major source of toxinsThe most commonly ingested poison found in discus is methylmercury.

That’s the kind of toxic chemical that’s commonly found in fish guts.

The World Health Organization says it’s also present in fish eggs, the skin of the fennel seed and in other parts of the body.


They can be a source of mercuryThere are some discus species that are very sensitive to mercury.

They’ll take small doses of mercury from the hook, but will quickly swell and get worse.

They also will react very strongly to the methylmercuric acid that can be found in many foods and medicines.

It’s also a chemical that is toxic to fish eggs.


They don’t live longThe discus can live for up to five years in captivity, and scientists say they can live up to three years if properly cared for.

If you’re going to be out in the wild, it’s important to keep them away from any wild animals.

If possible, avoid using them to catch fish.4.

They eat a lot of algaeThe discuses in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are the primary food source for the common species of fish that are known as sponges.

When discus eat algae, they create toxins that can damage their intestines and cause a variety of problems.

The discus do eat other fish, but discus also eat other types of fish, including trout and smallmouth bass.

They often eat smallmouth fish that they catch in the water and use them as a meal for their young.5.

They live in open oceanIt’s not uncommon for discus to live in waters with large amounts of plankton.

They may be able to live on some plankton in a small area, but if they die or are unable to find a mate, they can become trapped in a large amount of algae and die.

Discus can be caught in these areas as well, but it’s generally a dead end for them.


They do not have scalesLike other fish species, discus have scales, which are small, flat structures that are used for tracking and feeding.

However, discuses have no scales.

They’ve also developed very sensitive skin that protects them from the elements.7.

They are hard to killIt can be difficult to kill discus.

Because they are so large, they may take a long time to die.

If they are caught in nets, the net can break, causing the discus a lot more pain.

If discus get stuck on the bottom of a hook or the surface of a body of water, they’ll likely drown.


They like to be close to youWhen it comes to discus feeding, they are very close to their parents.

In addition, they like to swim in the same area as their parents, which can cause them to be very close together.


They have a strong appetiteThe discousins have a very powerful appetite.

The bigger they get, the more they like it, and that can lead to a vicious cycle.

They will gobble whatever they can get their jaws on, and if they eat enough, they will start to eat themselves.

Discousins eat the same foods that they would if they were wild.


They need to eat more foodThe discusses of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic and Caribbean oceans have a great abundance of food.

The Pacific Ocean has an abundance of large cod and other seafood, as well as tuna and other large fish.

However the discuss is also known for its large fish, such as largemouth bass and rainbow trout.

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